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Well, the site has seen a bit of change recently. I played with the design to make it friendlier and easier to maintain. Please note that this is a photography site, so the images may take a little longer to download, but I hope it is worth the wait.

Now for the part about me. Take a look around; you'll quickly see that nature, travel and sports (mostly hockey) are my primary subjects. I do branch into some other things as well.

I built this site because I love photography. I have tons of images lying around, and I wanted to find a way to share them. Anyone wanting to share tips or talk photography can e-mail me . I always love to talk about photography.

At this point, I have switched to all digital. Currently I am using a Canon 20D and growing to love it more each time I use it. Many of the older images were taken with a Canon Elan IIe, with a variety of lenses. When I use film, I use the Kodak 100E series of professional films. I almost always use Fuji for print films. All of the sports are shot on Fuji 800 Press.

All that said, my one tip that everyone should know - you don't need a fancy camera to take great pictures! You ask for proof? Well here you go:

This photo to the right was taken at Disney World with a disposable Kodak Max camera that I bought about 15 minutes before the light show started. I didn't want to lug a camera around - but it was such a clear night, I knew it would look great. The whole role came out really well. This one was my favorite with the fireworks in a good position and the blue light on the castle.

Disney at night

Now I would never argue that high end cameras don't give you lots of benefits, and make some of the technical stuff behind photography easier, but if you understand how photography works, you can do a lot with simple equipment.

Every picture not only tells a story, it has a story behind it.. Shoot for very long and you'll remember the stories of how you got you favorite pictures just as much as the pictures themselves.

  Note: All of the photographs and artwork on the pages in this site are copyrighted, and may not be used without permission. All Rights Reserved. To inquire about the use of any of these images, please contact me.