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Have an old family photo that has seen better days?

Want to preserve priceless family photos for generations to come?

I offer digital restoration services for images. As the needs of each job are different, youcan contact me at to discuss your needs. Some jobs may only need minor color correction or minor touch ups. Others require extensive amounts of effort and care to bring them back to near original quality. Sadly, not all damge can be repaired either. I will evaluate your photos and let you know the prognosis before any work is done.

You may ask, "Why, can't this wait until I figure out how on my computer?"

Don't wait - photos degrade every day. For photos that are not good condition, scanning can be just the start. Even photos in good condition need scaned at high resolutions in order to have quality 5x7, 8x10 and larger size prints made. Digital imaging software is pretty simple to start using, but professional grade software takes years to learn and master. I have been working in photoshop professionally for over 9 years now. I started photo restoration projects on piles of old photos my from my own family. It made me sad to see all that history fading away. The joy that some of the restored photos has brought to my family has been priceless. I want to help you preseve your family treasures as well.

What can I expect?

Below you will see a before and after series. This is typical of the kind of results than can be achieved. You receive high resolution scans on CD and an inkjet proof print of each image. All source material will also be returned. Your family photos will NOT be used for any marketing purposes or resold. The orginal rights holder retains all rights to the images. Additonally, if you are in the Washington DC metro area we can discuss a "house call" so that you do not have to give up your photos.

The images at the top are small - these close ups should provide a little more detail at the work that can be done.
While it is virtually impossible to get rid of all the scars and marks of time, most images can be brought back to a high quality state with little trace of digital editing.
The folds and creases are actually the easy thing to remove. It is the stains and discolorations that are hard to eliminate, especially the ones on skin and facial features.

Every picture not only tells a story, it has a story behind it.. Don't let your family stories fade away into history. Contact me today to discuss the photos you want to preserve and restore.
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