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All images copyrighted

I wanted to start with a quick intro to what this site is about.

This is my own attempt at photo preservation of the images that make up my family, which most of you viewing this are probably a part of. My primary focus is to preserve digitally, the images that make up our past. I'm doing the restoration work by making high resolution scans (this means the files are around 30 MB each) and cleaning up the scratches, marks and making the images look as good as possible. Click here to see a sample (Be patient - this page takes awhile to load)

While the primary focus is on older images before they become a total loss, I also want to preserve the current stuff while it is in good condition.

This site is not a family tree or a place to host every single family photo. It is to preserve and share some of the better photos, as well as preserve many of the older photos that are in bad shape and need to be saved.

So take a look around and enjoy. Almost forgot - want to help or contribute? Then click here

  Note: All of the photographs and artwork on the pages in this site are copyrighted, and may not be used without permission. To inquire about the use of any of these images, please contact me.